Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Eldertale is a melodic folk metal band from Ukraine formed in 2005 but being more active since 2012, releasing their first EP in June 2014, they deliver a pure folk pagan metal, adding some neoclassical drippings and powerful moments, creating in general rich structures in terms of composition as melodic instrumentals and growling vocals are the common strategy for this headbanging EP.

The band break the ice with Exile, as the choirs mark the powerful entry of complex drumbeats and melodic background with an excellent composition on the verses, really intense and good crescendo part at the end; this track defines perfectly the band's sound.

Land of Old might be one of the best tracks of this style I've ever listened, it starts with an instrumental orchestrated melody, the composition is outstanding. Then this intense shot goes increscendo, adding army marching rhythms on drums, to literally explode in a headbanging anthem, vocals and instrumental are in perfect harmony and the transitions between changes virtuously made, the lyrics also are powerful and the melodic growling voice are the best in the EP, also remarkable rhythms on the drums with drippings of power, thrash and death metal, bass is also excellent on the solo; the perfect highlight of what this band is capable of.

Finally the EP closes with Time of ancient, mid tempo traditional folk pagan metal, as seen on the rest of the material, this track follows the path of adding melodic power metal structures, piano and orchestrated parts are, again, amazingly well composed.

Eldertale first EP got a crystal clear production, it's headbanging from start to finish, the compositions are sophisticated including catchy melodies and awesome orchestrated parts, drums should have more presence next time, but the final result is overwhelming, just can't wait for the full length!

9 / 10

Line up 
Alexander Desyatnichenko Drums
Eugene Belozertsev Guitars, balalaika
Josh O.Berg Keyboards, choirs
Kirya Vocals, guitars, bass, choirs


Post by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads Union and Metalheads Union FB

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