Thursday, 23 April 2015


Thunderheart finally released their debut album last February by the hand of Killer Metal Records, the Spanish band delivers a good classic heavy-power metal with influences from US metal bands like Jag Panzer,drippings of speed metal like the Germans Warrant and catchy strong and straight choruses bringing memories from Grave digger; but definitely these guys develop the genuine sound of Steelhorse, previous band from the guitarist Willy Gascon, that encapsulates the essence of Judas priest, Iron maiden and Accept among other Titans of heavy metal, the vocal style by Javier Pastor Is powerful and melodic, using mid to high pitched tunes and generally on the clean side.

New horizons introduces the album as an instrumental melodic headbanging shot linked with Show them our fire, developing awesome guitar riffs in a fast paced hit, guitars are remarkably good on the melodies behind the vocal parts, continued by the tittle track Night of the warriors, mid tempo act with a really epic bridge and catchy chorus, awesome palm muted guitar parts in one of the best highlights of the Album.

The mid paced addictive riff of Thunderheart will make you bang your head from the first second, vocals here are brilliant, from the high pitched verses to the straight chorus, made to scream in the gigs, one of the best compositions of the band, as it continues with Concrete Jungle, another mid tempo shot where the band strikes back with epic bridges and a chorus that draws awesome melodies, one of the best acts, of those to be played continuously.

Killing my fears evolves with a fast paced rhythm, simple but effective riffs combined with a well crafted chorus, effective and strong strategy followed by the mid tempo Rules of a lie, with epic riffs and a crescendo structure, the instrumentals stay more static melodically as the leadership are remarked on the vocal part.

Bulletproof continues the 80s heavy metal sound revival in another mid tempo anthem, well performed on the vocals and also good harmony between the instrumentals, perfect song for a gig; as I'll always be there for you accelerates the machinery in an outstanding riff work and melodic vocals, another top hit of the band where everybody will bang the heads, good drum parts with remarkable changes of rhythms.

Now its the turn of one of the key tracks of the band, rise or fall, the last shot of this album Night of the warriors, they actually perform all the styles developed throughout the album, pure classic heavy metal riffs with addictive choruses and excellent bridges that make the listener rise the fist in the air, shouting rise or fall, impressive!.

Night of the warriors is the first taste of Thunderheart, and to tell you the truth, this debut album sounds really professional, the compositions are well crafted in every single note and they know how to catch the attention of the listener, tracks like rise or fall, concrete jungle or thunderheart are good demonstrations of their sound, and excellent lessons of true metal;

Thunderheart have jumped to the top of the Spanish heavy metal scene with the first album, good job!

8,5 / 10

Line Up

Willy Gascon / guitars
Javier Pastor / vocals
Ricardo Lazaro/ drums


Post by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads Union and Metalheads Union FB

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