Friday, 24 April 2015


Evil invaders took over London last 1st april along with the true metal bands Bloodbound and Majesty.

Just opening the venue, as the crowd started to fill in the place but not even half full of capacity, Evil Invaders attacked like a sudden explosion of full speed metal with Stairway to insanity, as always the first line of the fans and media were full power of headbanging action, as people on the back didn't know them yet as they were on a static mood, and it was something to remark that this kind of power these guys were demonstrating deserved more attention, the guys nailed in synchrony.

The stage started to be full of smoke as the band shocked the audience with their well known hit Driving Fast from their first EP, vocals were a bit low even though the potency of Joe's screams, but fixed as soon as they greeted the audience to explode with one of the gems of the new album, Shot to paradise, the crowd were involved just a bit more than earlier, also more people arrived so the venue was almost full; really well performed shot as Joe made it at perfection in one of the most difficult tracks of the band in terms of vocal pressure, continued with probably the best known track of the new album, Fast loud and rude, nailed it! 

Continuing with a perfect performed Victim of sacrifice to reach the top with their last masterpiece Master of illusion, all and all the band demonstrated this is their finest hour, and clearly deserved more and better audience, time will tell.

Following the concert I had the chance to interview Evil Invaders and it will be available soon on the Metalheads Union youtube channel!

Enjoy these pics from the gig! Also you can check the review of their debut album Pulses of Pleasure here.



Post by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads Union and Metalheads Union FB

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