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Skull fist are a heavy speed metal band from Canada included in the well-known New wave of traditional heavy metal, formed in 2006 and releasing the first EP Heavier than metal in 2010 and first full length Head of the pack in 2011, they came back earlier this year 2014 with Chasing the dream.

Chasing the dream
starts with Hour to live, introducing you to the true metal world with an accelerating riff that explodes in a heavy/speed metal track with some power metal signs, excellent harmony on the guitar solos and superb link between verses and the instrumental rhythm. Suddenly we go back to the best times of the melodic hard rock with Bad for good, one of the surprises of the album; they managed at perfection the composition of this kind of style and made a masterpiece with memorable 80's chorus and hard rocker riffs, then making you bang your head with the tittle track Chasing the dream, true heavy metal unforgettable riffs, high pitched vocals in melodic verses with some Klaus Meine (Scorpions) singing techniques. Great chorus drumbeats combo with vocals and main riff.

Next is Call of the wild, a touch of NWOBHM pure style adding a really Epic chorus and pretty well connected with Sign of the Warrior, speed/power metal on the style of Walls of Jericho by Helloween, excellent remastered track taken from their first EP that will leave you breathless as it continues with one of the best of the album, You're gonna pay, strong heavy metal track full of emotion, hate and revenge; addictive and powerful chorus remarking what true metal is about.

Don't stop the fight begins like a speed metal track that changes the rhythm unexpectedly to a hard heavy bridge linking an outstanding chorus, impressive track very well composed followed by the instrumental song Shreds not dead as a progressive technical piece that keep you admiring every note and enjoying it!

The last song of this album is one of those heavy metal anthems to remember,Mean street rider is an authentic heavy metal old school bomb in the line of Heavier than metal, awesome solo also and great consistency on the guitars and memorable ending (reminds me to the end of Steeler in the British Steel), and leaving you hungry for more of this band.

Overall I can say Skull fist made a masterpiece album where every true metalhead will enjoy, bringing to life elements of melodic hard rock, NWOBHM, speed metal and power metal influences, the lyrics and composition of this album are also exceptional, taking the power and the glory of the roots of heavy metal to a very high level. The production has been improved since the last album and the voice effects have evolved in a way,  risking that some people may don't like it, but c'mon! what they did is excellent! so keep it true brothers

8,5 / 10

Track list
Hour to live
Bad for good
Chasing the dream
Call of the wild
Sign of the warrior
You're gonna pay
Don't stop the fight
Shreds not dead
Mean street rider


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