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Implosion Circle is a thrash metal band with modern and power metal influence from Switzerland, formed in 2006 with a first album released in 2008 called "Man of contradiction" and a new EP released just in 2013 with fresh material named The angry and the enraged.

The album starts with Final Battle with a well worked epic acoustic intro linked with old school thrash metal rhythm, note to remark is the influence of power metal in the guitar riffs and solos, well combined on the vocals, melodic verses and harsh straight on the chorus in this headbanging piece that leads to There's nothing, excellent banging pulse mixed with modern vein verses. Neoclassical instrumental in some parts and even death metal rhythm riffs make this a very satisfying tune.

The angry and the enraged, the tittle track, begins like a machine gun power riff that changes for a slow Metallica style tempo, just to explode in the best and fastest headbanging action in the album, this track contains a high contrast of lights and darks, intense, forceful and very refined composition, with the instrumental taking the lead like virtuous thrash metal maniacs do.

Clockwork is another classic thrash old school in this EP, much simpler than the rest but really enjoyable, good pattern and melodic modern side chorus are good but not specially significant; as we continue to the last act, Circle, as one of the best of the band so far, excellent work on the guitars as they forge wonderful riffs with neoclassical structure all over the piece that is followed by a brilliant job by Blaser on the drums, straight and harsh vocals are predominant giving this song the aggressive component the EP needed. Without a doubt, the sign of the band and the way to follow in forthcoming albums (mid-tempo melodic ending is amazing by the way!).

Implosion circle made a good EP, they took the idea of modern thrash metal but keeping the essence of the old school true thrash metalians. The right combination between two vocal style singing gave them an excellent result. Outstanding job by the guitars that made a very sophisticated presence as well as the drums, leaving the sensation that they are going far with this EP, maybe will need more aggression in the vocals on the next album, but overall, we are witness of an awesome Metallica influenced thrash metal old school album with the touch of styles like neoclassical and death metal that will keep you banging your heads!

7 / 10


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