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Caladmor is an epic folk metal band from Switzerland formed in 2001 (under the name Pale) and releasing their first album in 2010 called Midwinter and finally this album "Of stones and stars" released in 2013 with the support of Chrigel Glanzmann (Eluveitie) and Joel Gilardini (The land of the snow, Mulo Muto).

The album starts with The curse of the gods as a fast track of sharp guitars that take you to the folk metal world with added dose of epic style which will be the winning strategy of this band, full powerful chorus and great harmony on the vocals, developing a clear contrast between the growling harsh aggressive side with Maede and operistic soprano Babs singing folk poetry, as it  continues with The Raid as a mid-tempo shot with forceful headbanging rhythm that changes between the dark and lights, outstanding theatrical interpretation in this song,

The tittle track begins, Of stones and stars, as a slow pure folk metal taking you to a far away land when the fast guitar and drumbeats of Dawn of the deceiver break the spell and bring you to the mosh pit with one of the most thrashing style rhythms of the album mixed with modern metal influenced chorus, excellent instrumental, guitars do a positive job, as the flutes and pipes virtuous give the folk sign on this track.

Alvissmal begins with doom intro as the slow folk rhythms create the atmosphere again in one of the best chorus in the album, when the acoustic guitars of Laudine's lament change the tune as a lyrical operistic track, very well composed as the electric guitars and strong drums are in-crescendo during the song; outstanding voice in every aspect, developing multiple techniques of singing styles.

The dark riffs make the contrast with Mimir's born with a headbanging mid-temp
o apocalyptic feeling track to continue with another masterpiece, Nymph's Lure, one of the most intense bombs with a great act by the two vocalists making the perfect theatrical section of the Swiss band.

But this is not finished yet, Heralds of doom takes you to the battle with a full epic folk metal shot, marvellous chorus and  including orchestrated background and headbanging action that will keep your fist in the air, epic track that brings you to the Taberna Trollis, mid-fast tempo track with the most catchy chorus to sing along in the gigs, pint of beer in hand! Enjoyable from start to finish with the last track of the album, Helios sky , being like an epitaph orchestrated ending of sophisticated chorus with multiple vocals mixed in a harmonious canon  that shades to the final silence.

Caladmor really are very experienced in what they do, and they demonstrated they can create a masterpiece of pure Folk metal combined with medieval epic metal with refined orchestral structure album, good production also.
Of stones and stars is the work that will take Caladmor to the leading bands in the world of Folk metal scene, every member of the band work in perfect harmony and I have to remark the excellent quality of the two vocals, the interpretation of the themes are really impressive, excellent job.

9 / 10 


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