Saturday, 10 May 2014


Arising fear are a thrash metal band from Augsburg, formed in 2008 with a first EP released in 2009.
Their music is well connected between the thrash metal and the metalcore with melodic and groove points as we can see in this first album, released in march 2014.

Beyond Betrayal starts with Mantic shape,a machine gun thrash metal weapon in action, combined with melodic clean vocals in the chorus, good instrumentals and great headbanging roll as they get you into Beyond the walls of anger, mid tempo metalcore influenced touch mixed with heavy growling vocals technical drums; as they stop to link it with Deadly embrace, modern melodic, very slow to mid tempo track, being one of the weakest tracks in this album, to continue with Day to overcome which includes what the song before needed, as a mid tempo song, continuity on the drums rhythm and groove metalcore sections that fans of this style will really appreciate. Next piece is Losing sanity, they start with Megadeth like intro riff, great brutal growling parts without losing fuel for Final Redemption, clean sophisticated drum action with changes in the rhythm following the thrash metal ways. This Burden is next and kills you like a bullet in the head from the beginning, heavy thrash metal, great guitars and their essential melodic vocals; remarkable vocal interpretation and excellent ending followed by Come alive again, unmissable ballad of the album, with modern metal techniques, emotional and expressive from start to finish.

Now it's turn of Thrashing brain surgery, epic start and awesome strong furious verses, neck breaking shot in this awesome track where even the melodic parts are amazingly well combined; raw and titanic thrash blast.

This album finish with Meltdown rust, could be the exact style combination of this band, reuniting elements of heavy, thrash, metalcore and groove formula, the ending of the song is very powerful as they finish in a shade to the silence.

Arising fear took the risk of doing a full length combining different factions of metal, from the heavy influence to the metalcore, and I can admit, not being fan of this kind of genre, that Arising fear created an excellent album, with a superb crystal clear production.
Need to be more headbanging, sometimes there is a lack of thrash rhythm, but I'm sure they will improve that for the next album.

Fans of this modern thrash metal will love it, absolutely !

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