Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Ruthless Steel are a Greek classic heavy metal band formed in 2012 and releasing the first EP in 2013,  Die In The Night, we can call this debut album as one of this gems of epic heavy metal that you can't stop listening; do you like Manilla Road, Judas Priest or Medieval Steel? Just mix it up and you will start having a clue of what Ruthless steel is about.

This EP takes you straight to the battle with the army fighting and the warcry of the song Die In The Night; Very few times I listen such a sharp, raw and high pitched vocals in a woman, and this makes this band so characteristic, it will be a lot inspirational for many bands to come. Great first track, curiously reminds me a lot to  Manilla Road; vocals and composition are extraordinary.

Second track is the self titled Ruthless steel, very original and fierce lyrics,  and awesome instrumental parts. Heart of fire is the next on the list, the ballad of the album, very well composed with mix parts of slow drums (remember the drums of the first Judas Priest albums?) and deep passionate chorus, great job!

Last song of the album is Power of Hate, even though this is not the most viewed track, I can tell you this is the best in this EP, sophisticated technique in the first riff, the vocalist does an awesome job! You feel she makes a great interpretation of the theme of the song; outstanding chorus, long and very effective! to sing along to the end. It gets a break kind of Victim of Fate by Helloween and the ending that you will remember forever!

Overall, this debut EP is the perfect start for a classic epic heavy metal band, It's a high level of inspiration, and also high recommended if you like true metal, in fact, with four songs like this, buying the next album will be something mandatory!
Check them out, they are 

8 / 10

Vocals: Aliki K
Bass: Nick C
Guitar: Constantine P
Drums: Andreas Kar

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