Friday, 21 March 2014


One of the releases of last year was this great first EP
of the polish death metal band Thunderwar, formed in 2013
by four metal maniacs that wanted not only to pay tribute
to legends like Bathory, Unleashed, Dissection or Amon Amarth,
but to prove that Poland has still something to say to the Metal
world, and so they did! Being the first EP with four songs that
prove what traditional Death metal is all about!

The EP starts with VIMANA (Chariots in heaven) with this familiar melodic death metal guitars, to suddenly
attack you with killer drums followed by the headbanging action, and
the aggressive voice death metalheads and thrash metal fans will like.

Brutal oldschool death metal, and a very solid chorus make this first song
a good start of the EP that will continue with a sudden death metal attack with
Shadows of Lindisfarne, this song takes you straight away to the mix of death metal
action with a powerful start and a really good interpretation of brutal raw death metal voice,
suddenly they change the rythm with some thrash metal headbanging bridge
 before the chorus, following by the virtuosism of the solo where they
make some symphonic parts to finish with the heaviest in-crescendo ending that makes
this song what it will be the style of the band we hope to see in the future.

The last song of the EP is the instrumental track The Birth of Thunder, with accoustic
intro adding orchestra instruments making a really well composed epic track and making
this EP a very solid first job of this polish Epic Death metal band that really, my friends,
they are here to stay, taking the torch of the old school true death metal bands,
Get prepared of what this band will come in the future!
They are Thunderwar



8 / 10

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