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Stargazery is a power metal band from Finland formed in 2005 and releasing their first album in 2011 (Eyes on the sky) and due to release their new album Stars aligned the next 23rd of January 2015.

Stargazery style comes from the melodic 90s power metal with drippings of hard rockish elements, creating anthems with very catchy choruses generally, the voice acts very effective theatrically speaking, with melodic and clean style, backed by sharp guitars, strong drumbeats and keyboards, being the essential sound of the band.

The album starts with Voodoo, being straight away one of the highlights of the band style, as a mid tempo epic shot, it got interesting elements, like the bridge before the solo, where vocals and keyboards make an excellent job; following with Angel of the dawn, slower pace but more powerful in terms of melodic structure with remarkable teamwork between guitars an vocals.

Missed the train to paradise is another great example of pure power metal, with an in crescendo structure to one of the best and most epic choruses of the band, the guitar performance brings memories of Queensrÿche style and the general composition is awesome, one of the best of the album, continued by Invisible, mid and slow shot of low pitched vocal and rhythms changes to get an ascending pattern leading to a good chorus, nothing special apart from the vocal evolution and the keyboard play.

Absolution continues the power metal path, taking some Edguy style on the melodies, comprising awesome guitar riffs and another top chorus to be singed along, the vocal high pitched play is excellent, creating a perfect harmony with the rest of the band, also perfect in the next track Academy of love, ballad of the album being transformed beautifully in another mid tempo powerful chorus, great the progression here and the play of guitar solo and piano.

Painted into a corner starts with a really impressive vocal clean shot in a mid tempo melodic heavy metal in crescendo track, outstanding the keyboard performance and the composition, like Dim the halo, with another catchy chorus.

Bring me the night heralds another good combination between leading melodic vocals and guitar, backed by symphonic keyboards elements, as we continue to the end of the album, the performance of the band improves in every track, being the time of Hiding, with one of the best increscendo mid tempo ballad, including the best vocal interpretation, demonstrating the good qualities of the vocalist, as the Warrior's Inn kicks in with an awesome guitar riff and catchy combination of voice and keyboards melodies, forging an epic chorus that leads to the last and best track of the album.

Dark Lady is the last in line, and despite the fact that is a cover, this is one of the best shots and a gem of the genre, developed in English and another version in Finnish as a bonus track, develops a truly addictive pace and riffs, under the violin melodies ascending to a marvellous chorus, of those to be played again and again, definitely better than the original where every member nail it.

Overall, this album is in general an excellent job by Stargazery, taking the best elements of the old school melodic power of the 90s, creating memorable songs like the highlights Voodoo, Dim the Halo, Dark Lady or Missed the train to paradise; being able to create addictive choruses in almost all the tracks is a really good point, also most of the tracks have mid tempo rhythms being the only thing that could be improved in terms of composition variety, but the general impression is that we are listening to an awesome album that demonstrate that Stargazery worked hard and succeeded with Stars aligned.

8 / 10

Line up
Jukka Jokikokko Bass, Vocals (backing) 
Pete Ahonen Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Marco Sneck Keyboards
Jari Tiura Vocals
Jussi Ontero Drums


Release by Pure Steel Records

Review by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads Union and Metalheads Union FB

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