Monday, 12 January 2015


Ruthless finally are releasing their first studio album after their Discipline of steel in 1986, the album under the name "They rise" will come to light the next 30th January via Pure steel records.

The US power metal developed by Ruthless is well considered authentic and true heavy metal, giving gems likeMetal Without Mercy or Discipline of steel to the world, generally enjoyed by true metalheads with a good knowledge of genuine metal bands on the line of Omen, Liege lord or Jag Panzer.

This new album brings lots of reminiscences from their previous albums, true straightforward US metal, this time the band developed some slightly more modern melodies here and there, also introducing that strong Teutonic drippings seen on Accept or Grave Digger, also remark the vocal qualities after so long time, now are cleaner but still aggressive, and about of the drums, now they sound cleaner and better produced than before, but not as thunderous and powerful as their 80s albums.

The album start with one of the best shots, Defender, very much on the line of Steeler by Judas Priest on the riffs, the clean vocals are really good performed, Introducing mid to high pitched parts leading to a really catchy chorus, headbanging entry linked with Laceration, mid tempo bomb of true metal, the addictive main riff is leaded by a good vocal composition, ascending intensity with the pure sign of the band, combining clean and sharp vocal techniques with added excellent drum shots.

The tittle track They rise, comes as a slow paced shot with epic doom metal essence, vocals offer a great theatrical interpretation full of power, the structure could remind the listener to Kiss of the death by Metal Church, equally intense and well composed as the riffs of Circle of trust arises, on the line of Jag Panzer, interesting track with a good progression and excellent harmony between vocals and riffs, not in their best of though, as the aggressive speed metal of Hang man take you to the mosh pit, the intensity here is outstanding, vocal performance is from the best of the album, sharp forceful mid high pitched style like the old times; the rhythms are also breathtaking as It changes between verses and chorus, really well structured.

After this powerful demonstration its time for a slow one, the ballad Time waits, the vocal parts are really well played under the slow paced galloping bass background, linked with another headbanging mid fast bomb, Out of the ashes, very straight shot with the same strategy of fast verses and mid paced and intense chorus and remarkable guitar solo.

One of the highlights of the album is the track Frustration, heralds the power of the band in a fast thunderous drumbeats, the progression is overwhelming as the intensity ascends to a very catchy chorus, linking the action to the last song, Systematic terror, mid tempo track with a really strong pattern, leading to a powerful chorus to be screamed on the gigs, in crescendo to the end with nice high pitched details.

Ruthless open the gates of hell almost 30 years after their last album, with renovated energy creating an excellent album full of power and genuine US metal, obviously got some modern influences after all these years, and its not quite the same as the old times, but the truth is that They rise is riveting from start to finish, and tracks like Defender, Hang man or Frustration will delight their old fans and also will catch new metalheads that didn't know them yet, in fact I can say Ruthless forged another true metal masterpiece.

8,5 / 10

Line up
Jason VanSlyke Drums
Dave Watson Guitars
Ken McGee Guitars 
Sammy DeJohn Vocals 
Marc McGee  Bass


Release by Pure Steel Records

Review by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads Union and Metalheads Union FB

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