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Entrench is a thrash metal band formed in 2005 in Sweden, releasing numerous demos before signing with War Anthem Records, bringing to light their debut album Inevitable Decay in 2010, succeeding with positive reaction from the media. After a split with Insane, the band finally released their second work last December 2014 under the name of Violent Procreation, being promoted also by FullBlast.

Entrench style comprises the old school thrash metal pulses but with blackened powerful instrumentals and harsh and sharp violent vocal patterns, drums are remarkably exceptional, changing rhythms from ultra fast black and death double pedalled influences to mid to fast paced genuine thrash, combined with palm muted guitar riffs really well composed; basically following this strategy over all tracks in the album, starting with One with agony where the speed blackened thrash explodes from the beginning with forceful vocal sections and excellent chorus.

Those who exceed follows the same path creating an addictive riff of pure thrash and drippings of death metal, also good progression going in crescendo to a mid fast tempo thrash attack, exploding without a break with Adjust to summit, another thrash anthem with death metal melodies and added epic slow parts trespassing the doom territory and ascending amazingly to mid fast technical death thrash combo.

Chemical holocaust keep the technical pace on the riff and drums, alternating mid and fast pulses, this time on the death metal pattern, leading to an excellent chorus to scream fist in the air, nonstop headbanging moshpit continued by Devoid of life, fast death thrash all the way with remarkable palm muted guitar riffs and wrathful vocals that will blow your mind.

Calm the urge explodes literally with an exceptional performance on the drums, pure speed and mid tempo thrash metal rhythms lead the act with interesting vocal sections, as the process of Annihilation continues the thrash strategy changing rhythms amazingly well,with predominant mid tempo parts, with a good harmony between great theatrical vocals and instrumentals.

The guitars of senseless slaughter well give you an idea of the patterns of this track, one of the best speed thrash metal songs of the band, finding drippings of Exumer meeting Exodus on those riffs backed by thunderous drumbeats, excellent headbanging job continued by the last song, apathetic existence, another great ascending evolution from mid to high speed thrash, with bits of death metal here and there making this another highlight of the band style.

Entrench created a really enjoyable album, excellent compositions completed with changes of rhythms, not extremely technical but headbanging from the first riff, taking you to a nonstop moshpit of genuine thrash metal that will equally delight death metal maniacs.

8 / 10


Line Up

Victor Holmström (R.I.P.) (Drums)
Fredrik Pellbrink (Vocals, Guitars)
Joel E. Sundin (Bass)

Review by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads Union and Metalheads Union FB

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