Monday, 9 February 2015


Night are a classic heavy metal band from Sweden formed in 2011 and released two singles in 2012 and 2013 followed by the full length Night, released in November 2013 via Gaphals records.Now Night are due to release their new album the next 2nd March, Soldiers of time, over a year after their debut album that was considered a true metal gem.

Having the chance to listen and analyse the new work of these guys, I can confirm there is an evolution in the sound, now the tracks are better composed, the content of the lyrics are much better and totally deep and intense, denoting the band have worked harder this time. On the other side there is not many songs as wild and direct as Gunpowder treason or Fire and Steel, as I said before, Night experimented more this time, even taking drippings of power metal and of course keeping the old school sound.

The album starts with the vocal choirs introducing waiting for the time, a totally epic entry with an excellent crescendo structure from the solo vocal part verses ascending to a catchy chorus, where the guitars draw good melodies, really good progression as we continue with Across the ocean, more direct shot of old school heavy metal, awesome riffs and harmony between guitar and vocal evolution across the song, also remarkable transition on bridge to chorus.

We're not born to walk away heralds another headbanging mid tempo shot, stronger rhythm now and also the message, forged to lift you up and turn the volume louder, as Above the ground continues the act reminding some tunes of their first job, also with excellent evolution from the verses to bridge and chorus, simple and effective, linking the action to the acoustic track Towards the sky, mid tempo anthem full of feelings, the vocalist does a really good job here as he manage to express the message In perfect harmony with the instrumentals.

Secret war rise the fires of hell with headbanging action in a mid tempo rhythm with strong drumbeats and very straight verses, like Kings and Queens accelerates the pace to the kinds of the speed power metal by Gamma Ray meeting Judas Priest, one of the best true metal shots of the band, the power of the verses is restless as they ascend the intensity leading to one of the best details, the asking and answering duo of vocals and guitars, just outstanding.

Ride on is next, made to be another anthem of those to be played repeatedly, the melodies are great and so the chorus, intense and catchy sign of the band's style, continuing with the soft acoustic intro Wonderlust that explodes in another highlight of true nwothm, Power, straight and strong track that will feed your hunger of true classic heavy metal.

Stars in the sky is the last track, being an acoustic ballad, and despite the fact that is slow and almost without drum, the intensity and power that this track spread with the melodies and lyrics is deserved to be included in the best of the year, the melodies will be stuck in your head as the message will find the space to melt in your soul, guys this is a masterpiece.

It's very important for a band, even if it's a new band, to experiment new stuff, knowing there is always a risk, and these guys really went for it and succeeded, Continuing the true metal path, and adding more feelings to the mixture, Managing a more professional sound overall with improved compositions, now Night will be one step forward towards the first line of nwothm, will be within the best albums of this year already!

9 / 10

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