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Dust Bolt just finished the Tour with Obituary and Mpire of Evil, and I had the chance to interview Lenny.

You can check the review of the album Awake the riot here

Hi guys, its always a pleasure to have the chance to interview you, thank you and thanks to 
Napalm Records for making it possible! 

Thank you as well

First of all, tell me some details about the band, why did you choose the name dust bolt? How 
could you resume the time since you got together as a band and the evolution until the release 
of your first record in 2010?

Dust Bolt actually formed in 2006. We were some thirteen year old kids going to school together and developing taste for heavy music by time together. We had a silly German name at first but needed a new one for the release of our demo in 2010. Somebody came up with Dust  Bolt which we liked because it doesn't have a specific meaning yet and one can interpret his own ideas into the name and the music. That makes people think about the name. And the band. 

The time since then has been overwhelming. We experienced so much already, visited so many places and got to know so many great people and are able to do what we enjoy most: play music and share it with people. It´s somehow a dream that we live but also hard hard work, every day. But there is so much more to come!

I see you got some Kreator and slayer influences, what bands are the most influent for dust

I think you already named them haha ;) But we don´t relate on specific bands. The amount of bands and music we listen to is that huge, it´s hard to point out specific ones.

Havok and Angelus apatrida got some very similar elements like dust bolt, did they influence the band in any way or simply you got similar influences?

You know, we are quiet young which means that we kind of grew up with that new wave of Thrash Metal. When we started listening to Thrash, it was the time when bands like Warbringer, Municipal Waste, Havok, Violator etc came up! I also love Angelus Apatrida. Of course we share some elements definitely. But every band is individual in its way though and has their own way and interpretation of Thrash I think. But we all share to be the next generation of Metal and that connects us!

After your first album you got global recognition, how did the media react after the release? 

The feedback has been overwhelming for us! Especially on international level. We didn't expect that, but are so fucking happy to have so many great reactions on the music we make! It´s crazy to visit places you haven´t been yet and have people there knowing your songs. It really means a lot to us!

Could you tell me details about the process of creation and recording of awake the riot? 

The recording process was great! We had a very creative and familiar atmosphere in the studio, as far as we chose the same studio we´ve already been for our first record Violent Demolition. We worked with Max Krach and Lolli Springer at the Engine Studios again. They know Dust Bolt since the very beginning and became friends of us! It´s really important to be able to trust the people you work with in the studio and during the musical process, at least that´s how I feel.

 The recording sessions of ““Awake the Riot” have been very different though, compared to “Violent Demolition”where, that we had written and played all the songs before already. This time the songs were written only briefly before going to the studio. We hadn't played any of them live and we also hadn't practiced them with vocals until then. So it was very exciting to hear the first finished songs on tape and see in which direction they would go. Everyone of us really wanted to make the next forward with this album and we worked really hard during the two weeks but also had a great and funny time!

I admit you did an excellent job with your last work, how did the media react to it generally? 

Again, the feedback has been phenomenal! Awake the riot opened a lot of new gates for us! We were now able to play Headliner shows and tours and play bigger festivals and gained lot of new fans! 

How do you feel now that the album has been out through 2014?

We feel great about because, as I said, it opened that many doors for us.As for example finally the European Tour with Obituary. But slowly, I feel hungry again to make the next one :) We gained many experiences on tour right now and will put all that into some new material  soon I think !

How do you see the metal scene in your country? How do you feel being part of a new wave of traditional heavy and thrash metal? 

The scene is great and we feel lucky and happy to be a part of the new generation!There are lots of young and new bands here in our area waiting to get their chances to be heard by the world and they deserved it! E.g. Toxic Waltz, Battlecreek, Straighline. To name a few! I love the thought of being part of a new scene and movement, like back in the 80ies. Where people and bands hang out together, withouth competition but with cooperation! That´s what metal is about, friendship!

How do you feel after signing with napalm records? Did you sign for a certain number of albums? 

Working with them is great! They are great people and support any idea we bring on! And we still have all freedom! That´s just perfect. I´m not allowed to tell contract details, but no ;) 

In this tour you play with obituary, how do you feel sharing stage with such a big band? 

it´s a dream coming true! Especially as far as Obituary is the first Death Metal Band I ever listened to and one of my favourites! Seeing them playing each night, sharing the stage with them, learning from them, it´s wonderful! We are really thankful to them, because THEY were the ones inviting us on this tour!

Also mpire of evil play with you today, you got tony Dolan on stage, actually one of the pioneers of the thrash metal being the vocalist of Atomkraft, how do you feel about it ?

Great as well! Especially because we didn't know what to expect, as far as the difference in age and experience is that huge. He is a fucking legend. But as we met, we immediately recognized what nice person he is! I love him! He is so funny, always happy and enjoys playing music and hanging out with Fans. I never saw a band that down to earth such as Mpire, though they are true legends of metal! 

What other bands have you shared stage with? Do you have any special memories with another band?

Ohh many haha ;)) But one band we really loved to tour with and looking forward to do it again someday was Dr. Living Dead from Sweden! Great people and unbelievable great music! 

Do you know divine chaos? Would you like to share stage with them in the future?

I´m sorry I don´t know them but I´m gonna check them out! I think I heard of them. We like to share the stage with anybody who is friendly, nice and funny :) 

Tell me your most memorable moment from this tour.

 Playing n France and in London for the first time.Things I was dreaming about a long time..

Which is your favourite country to play?

Now France haha! No, serious. Every country, I don´t care. Metal is so fucking international and that´s great. Play an Iron Maiden song, people will freak out, no matter if you´re in Germany or Spain or Sweden. That´s what I love in metal. It´s not about superficialities. It´s about music. But I love playing in the southern part of Europe for example because people are very enthusiastic there and often sing along!

Are you preparing new material? If so, could you anticipate any details?

We will start doing that now after the tour I think but we don´t have anything concrete yet. We´ll see. We have lots of ideas and things we want to put into music and songs now. I´m already pretty excited starting working on new stuff.

To finish please send a message to your fans!

Thank you for your support and awaking the riot with us, we will see you all soon again and spread chaos once again! Take care! You rule! Let the metal flow and cheers, DxBxTxCx

Line up
Lenny (Vocals/Guitar) 
Flo (Guitar) 
Bene (Bass)

Nico (Drums)



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