Sunday, 22 February 2015


Evil invaders are coming back with their debut album Pulses of pleasure, available in march, and I can say now that I had the chance to analyse it on detail, this album just improved what I was expecting from these guys! The speed thrash metal developed on their first EP (check the review here) has evolved to a more genuine speed metal, aggressive In every single note; Evil Invaders built their unique sound from two pillars, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, adding to the mixture a combination of the most violent sides of Razor meeting Venom on one hand and Agent Steel meeting the walls of Jericho from Helloween on the other, literally creating a wild beast ready to break your necks.

The album starts with fast, loud and rude, remembering the first notes of Driving fast, after the first awesome growling to high pitched scream, the headbanging action explodes in a pure speed metal shot, excellent chorus with good details on the drums, and thrashy elements on the vocals, also remarkable job on the guitars solo, continuing with the tittle track Pulses of pleasure,a violent speed metal attack ignited by a memorable vocal intro, chorus is outstanding and powerful and also the vocal qualities changing from growling to sharp high pitched screams are incredible, being one of the keys of the success of Evil invaders.

Eclipse of mind continues the restless headbanging act with a crescendo structure and details of Oliver magnum and Judas priest, good drum technique and guitar details, leading to Siren also ascends in intensity to a galloping mid fast tempo shot with good theatrical details on the vocals.

The second half of the album improves what we have seen of the band up to date, Stairway to insanity heralds a powerful melodic speed metal with influences of Iron Maiden meeting Skull Fist, the composition of this track is awesome, even some parts of the guitar and fast paced rhythms reminds the listener to the best times of Agent Steel, being a good highlight of the album and continued by another top track, Shot to paradise, exploding with addictive headbanging riffs and leaded by the best vocal parts of the album, the violent attitude on the style and every sound this guy can develop is outstanding, continuing without a break with Venom, exceeding the expectatives once again with a good technical track with great harmony on the instrumentals and a really catchy chorus.

But the speed metal feast isn't finished yet, the last and best track of the band follows after the intro Blinded, Master of Illusion encapsulate everything the band have developed, the impulsive aggressive style melted with melodic guitars and the best chorus that will make you scream master of illusion fist in the air to play it all again.

Overall Pulses of pleasures is by far the best album I've listened in long time, it has all ingredients to take you to the mosh pit, its aggressive in every sense combining the most impulsive sounds from the power, speed and thrash metal, forging an unique sound that the listener will recognise as Evil Invaders sign once this album sees the light; it's also technical, contains catchy and addictive elements denoting a wild attitude at the same time, note that tracks like Fast, loud and rude, Shot to paradise and Master of illusion will be classics with the time, from my side, Pulses of pleasure is a true metal masterpiece.

9,5 / 10

Joe - Vocals / Guitars
Sam Lemmens - Lead guitars
Senne Jacobs - Drums
Max Mayhem - Bass



Post by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads Union and Metalheads Union FB

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