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Sacral Rage is a speed metal band from Greece formed in 2011, they have released their first EP Deadly bits of Iron Fragments last 2013, getting known worldwide by true metalheads and receiving also positive feedbacks. After a demo last year Sacral Rage signed with Cruz del Sur records.

  Finally they releasing their first full length the next 10th of March, and the Greeks are on the right path with influences from the technical speed metal characterized from bands like Agent steel or Oliver magnum but with a dark symphonic essence all along the album, bringing memories from King Diamond, also progressive and thrash metal drippings allow Sacral Rage to create their sound effectively; the guitars and drums work very well using technical details with symphonic melodies and palm muted riffs together with complex drum patterns, combined with a high pitched vocals, clean in general but without hesitating making it sharp and aggressive at some points.

The intro Harbringer opens the album to explode in one of the best tracks of the band, En cima del Mal, as the technical palm muted guitars bangs in a totally headbanging track, fast paced speed metal combining changes of vocal styles, sharp low and clean high pitched shots leading to a powerful chorus to follow with Lost chapter E, Sutratma introducing mid tempo galloping, progressive drum and guitar parts changing to thrashy and dark melodic sections in a more theatrical song linked with Panic in the Urals (burning skies) where the thrash styled instrumentals take over the clean vocal style, the interpretation here is outstanding as it brings you to the headbanging action with multiple rhythm changes even adding some Iron maiden drippings.

Waltz in madness explodes in a speed thrash metal with ascending intensity including ultra high pitched vocal parts, changing rhythms constantly with remarkable performance on the drums, followed by Into mental east, mid tempo progressive influenced instrumental track with virtuous guitar riffs and technical drumbeats.

Continuing the good level of technical instrumentals is the turn of Inner sanctum asylum, good bass touches here as the theatrical act of the vocalist enrich the experience with low pitched and sharp parts as a Tyrannous revolt explodes like a palm muted speed power metal masterpiece, the harmony between guitars and vocal melodies on verses are exceptional as the visceral restless pace reminds to Tyran pace.

Lost chapter E Amarna's reign is the last in line and it heralds the speed metal velocity, the composition also evokes the powerful speed thrash melodies,with dark symphonic sections and outstanding vocal qualities, basically encapsulate the band's sound; but don't stop playing this track after the silence starts, there is a hidden Instrumental part at the end (after the minute 10) where the band demonstrates also a short good lesson of oldschool doom metal to end the album.

Illusions in infinite void will delight true metal fans of King diamond and Judas priest, they got the power and aggression that makes you jump to the mosh pit, boosted with remarkable technical instrumentals and complex and impressive compositions.


Line up
Spyros Bass

Vagelis F. Drums 

Marios P.  Guitar

Dimitris K  Vocals


Released by Cruz del Sur Music

Post by Daniel Ortiz Metalheads Union and Metalheads Union FB

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