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Prowler is a classic heavy metal band from Germany formed in 2008, and released their first EP Hard Pounding heart in 2012, Finally Prowler released their debut album last 27th February with Pure Steel Records, under the name of Stallions Of Steel .

Prowler develops a classic new wave of British heavy metal sound in every single note, reminding of bands like Angel witch, Fist or Praying Mantis at their first line up, mid to fast paced rhythms generally with straight riffs and catchy choruses by a well played high pitched and clean vocal style.

Motorcycle of love kicks in and demonstrates what the band is all about in their mid tempo pace with Saxon reminiscences, remarkable guitar work on the riffs as the speed of sound accelerates to a pure speed classic heavy metal with Freedom, guitars are awesome specially in the solo, great teamwork with the drums making it headbanging all the way.

Mind and might hits with a killer mid tempo rhythm and one of the best choruses of the band including some good drum details, as Stallions of steel goes increscendo in another classic NWOBHM lesson becoming a good highlight of the album's sound.

Mexican Story heralds the best progression on the vocals, also the rhythms are really addictive and in general the intensity is boosted with power and glory, being in my opinion the best track of the band, as the riffs of Out of the night take you to bang your head in a very strong and straight shot of pure traditional heavy metal, well composed bridge and better guitar riffs all over.

Paranoia explodes in another speed metal headbanging bomb with good drum details and really good composition on the vocals as Prowler continues the mid tempo action with galloping, changing riffs and a really intense chorus.

A Maiden's Funeral contains some interesting riff performances with technical points on the teamwork of guitar and drums, remarkable the composition after the second half of the track, the crescendo part is outstanding.

Good album by Prowler, they managed really well the old school sound of the NWOBHM, will be a must have for any metalheads familiarized with bands like Angel Witch, Saxon or Holocaust; could be better produced, drums need more presence and generally the band need to work hard for the next album, but for sure, this is a pure genuine classic heavy metal band that will have lots to talk from now on!

7,5 / 10

Line up 

David Junold Guitars
Clemens Richter Guitars
Marvin Mehrländer Bass
Ronny Dietrich Vocals
Michael Czernik Drums



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Review by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads Union and Metalheads Union FB

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