Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Judas Priest seventeenth studio album is out now, Redeemer of souls is the first album in the history of Judas Priest without KK Downing, with Mr Faulkner on the axes and also the return of a classic Judas Priest record after the concept album Nostradamus which was in my opinion one of the best composed works by the metal gods, but it needed more of classic Judas Priest action.

As promised, Judas Priest's Redeemer of Souls is a full-classic Priest work, with reminiscences of previews Priest eras, mostly from Painkiller and Angel of Retribution and also taking a bit from Killing Machine or Ram it down; the album starts with the rain and thunder as a background when Dragonaut main riff explodes in a mid-fast tempo headbanging bomb, Nightcrawler memories with the first verses unveils an epic memorable bridge and chorus, to follow with the tittle track  Redeemer of Souls, one of the most listened tracks being their first song to be unveiled before the release of the album, mid paced act, also with this epic element perfectly melted into most of the songs in the album, excellent riffs on the chorus as the Halls of Valhalla continue in crescendo and the main riff reveals one of this speed heavy metal tracks on the vein of Painkiller or Freewheel Burning, adding the dose of Epic power and an outstanding strong main riff, Remarkable the chorus on the high pitched screams and astonishing verses! Halford scream also in the second half of the track will make this piece one of the all-time classic songs looking face to face to shots like Metal Meltdown or Ram it down.

Sword of Damocles continues this masterpiece as a slow-mid pulse incredibly epic where the theatrical act by Halford is something exceptional,and also remark the composition on the second half of the song to the end, truly powerful.

March of the Damned headbanging rhythm is next, this time the composition has similarities with Ozzy mixed with Priest strength creation, breathtaking song also with reminiscences of the track Metal Gods, that continues with Down in Flames, as another mid paced heavy metal classic, epic verses and hard rocking chorus!
Hell and Back begins with accoustic guitars evolving to a mid tempo track with influences from the Killing Machine era, awesome catchy chorus and excellent evolution to the end of the piece where they introduce guitar elements used in the Ram it Down album, just outstanding and very effective! continuing with Cold Blooded defined like a mid tempo ballad with drippings of Love Bites with a long chorus and outstanding instrumental!

Metalizer explodes with forceful drumbeats, mid and fast changing pulses continuously from verses to chorus amazingly well and effective, riveting from start to finish linking the action to Crossfire, 70s blues influenced hard rocker track with guitar riffs similar as those used in the Ram it down album, Halford vocals are amazing here, mastering again the hard rock and heavy metal screams!

Secrets of the Dead unveils an atmospheric mid slow paced track, perfect harmony on the guitars with the vocals as the background voices appear in the chorus with a superb architecture; but don't relax now because you gotta get ready for another surprise with Battle Cry, as the epic riffs transforms and twist to a epic speed metal piece, straight away you will start banging your head, mid high pitched vocals here are amazing, astonishing job by Halford in this track! Total consistency on every instrument, being another masterpiece inside this Redeemer of Souls, and linking it to the last piece, Beginning of the End, the ballad of this album, acoustic guitars dominate like tracks like Before the Dawn or Last Rose of the Summer; just overwhelming, so intense!

The album also contains five extra tracks that could have perfectly fitted in this long length, like the hard rocker, catchy chorused British steel-like songs Snakebite and Bring it on, or the heavy  mid fast tempo Tears of Blood, stunning Priest classic as well as Creatures, melodic heavy metal all the way. I have to remark the last song Never Forget, acoustic ballad that will get really deep to your heart, outstanding melodies by the metal gods!

Redeemer of Souls is probably one of the best Priest works, being the best since their reunion, Faulkner fit perfectly in the band, what a great job man! and also Awesome job Tipton, Hill, Travis and Halford; everyone here demonstrate once more they are the masters of metal, giving a lesson of metal and being again influence for many new bands for sure.
The album encapsulates many Judas Priest moments from the preview albums like Killing Machine, Ram it down or Painkiller combined at perfection, elevating the range adding this epic style well used since Nostradamus album, every step Judas Priest has made in their history lead to this album, resulting in another Masterpiece of genuine Heavy Metal


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