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Bandemonic is a heavy metal band from Ioannina, Greece, formed in 2009 they worked hard on their first EP "Chains" released in 2012 and now getting ready for their first full length coming next October; let's get this EP in detail!

The album is in general a combination of mid-fast tempo tracks in contrast with slow pulse ballads situating the style into the early 80s era mixed with Judas Priest influenced from the 90s.
The seeker begins with a dark atmosphere background rain as the intro explodes in an outstanding classic heavy speed metal style piece, as the rhythm accelerates getting you into the moshpit and keeping you banging your head, definitely a heavy metal anthem to be remembered.
Chains is a mid tempo strong and straight track with a remarkable job by the vocalist demonstrating the high pitched screams mixed with mids and lows, one of the best of the EP with a tremendous architecture with headbanging changes of speed continued by one of the ballads, Don't regret...just regret, a crescendo structure track that grows in an intense ballad following to Nightmare, a fast-mid changing rhythm heavy metal track with even some oldschool thrash metal breathtaking dripping moments.

Sail to Heaven powerful start reveal a potent ballad with a sophisticated act on the drums, the last two songs are more complex in composition than the other tracks! Excellent job on the guitars at the end of the song, linking it to the last act, Hunting Illusions, continuing the rhythm of the previous ballad with reminiscences to The crimson idol era by WASP, and changing the pulse amazingly well in the middle of the track detonating the pure classic heavy metal bomb being the highlights of the band style.

Admirable job! after listening to the ep in detail you can see the whole story, being a job in harmony like a concept album where the changes of rhythms are abundant, keeping the genuine roots of the old school heavy metal filled with passion and glory. Exceptional job that will leave the listener hungry for more, and the first full length is coming soon so be aware, Bandemonic is rising!

8 / 10

Bandemonic are:
Vocals- George Mantos
Guitars - Erik Karamanis and CA Chairopoulos
Drums - Adrian Kyprianos
Bass - Panagiotis Bestos


Review made by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads Union and Metalheads Union FB

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