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Skyconqueror is a classic heavy metal band from Germany, formed in 1997 comprised by Carsten Stiens on the drums, Mirko Jankord on the bass, axemaster Jan Tappert and vocals by Daniel Hiller.
The band released three demos in their early years until the release of their first full length in 2008, Hellstory, taking the band to give plenty gigs in the following years and then releasing their second album Under the Pentagram at the beginning of July 2014.

The band forged a combination of hard rock and heavy metal sound as seen on the NWOBHM bands of the late 70s and early 80s, the influences are high from bands like Accept, Saxon or Dio which is something awesome!

The album break the silence with Monolith offering an excellent riff taken straight from the early NWOBHM when hard rocker tunes blue rock influenced melted with aggressive heavy metal blasts, great feeling with the vocals, mid range style in a melodic technique and then attacking fast with Demon, really epic song with forceful heavy structure and those kind of chorus made to raise your fists, remarkable guitar job on the second half bringing back that approach from the first line up of the germans Accept.

The Sanctuary of 83 develop a strong pulse mid tempo drumbeats, excellent composition as the guitars and the vocals dancing around this thunderous rhythm, linking to the galloping riffs on the vein of Iron Maiden, Horseman of the Grail, headbanging piece with one of the best chorus of the album; as the acoustic guitars of The Dusk take you to an intense ballad, offering a fantastic vocal perception that leads to the tittle track Under the Pentagram as another classic heavy metal headbanging act with strong drumbeats, also following the same strategy it continues with Fallen Rainbow Warrior developing NWOBHM genuine riffs with influences from Saxon.

Without a break the mid tempo pulse of Bells of Fate bring you up wrecking your necks adding a good catchy chorus, made to be shouted at the gigs. Outstanding tune guys!

Through different eyes is an in crescendo instrumental track that links with Running high in a fantastic hard rocker riff start  that is combined with early heavy metal at perfection, and following to the next and last song of the album, Blade of Black, following the combination of styles characteristic of the band, being the sign of their music and also adding some power metal elements.

Skyconqueror forged an exceptional album combining the hard rock roots with the sharp dangerous heavy metal sound of the early 80s, every single track is good and the guys made a good job together as a band. With Under the Pentagram I'm sure they will get to the next level, keeping the heavy metal roots intact demonstrating that the Traditional Heavy Metal is back and stronger than ever.

8,5 / 10



Post by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads Union and Metalheads Union FB

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