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Salvacion is a Traditional Heavy metal band from Wilmington, North Carolina (US) formed in 2009, releasing three albums, Going to Hell (2010), Way more unstoppable (2011) and the last album released in 2014, God Gold and Glory. The band have had lineup changes in every album, being the former memebers of the band the sole responsible for this work, Carlos Sergio Denogean on the drums and Nick Sponsel playing the guitars, bass, organ, e-bow and vocals.

God Gold and Glory stands for the way of thinking of the european explorers of the 15th and 16th Century about the new world; Salvacion forged here a strong heavy metal record with drippings of hard rock and power metal in general, Take Overture break the silence taking you to the ship rounded the wild sea and thunder linked with Fortune, great mid fast power metal  with remarkable composition on the guitars, adding elements from Progressive and high pitched sharp vocals clearly influenced by Judas Priest frontman Halford.

Obsidian knife explode with galloping axes, excellent track, pure classic heavy metal missile with a powerful headbanging action through verses and chorus as it continues with Stroke of Luck, combining strong heavy metal with hard rock melodies mixed incredibly well, high pitched vocals at the end are amazing.

Hard Rock elements with strong drumbeats are the ingredients of Gambler's Throw, similar composition like hard rock bands on the vein of Airbourne, headbanging and extremely catchy chorus, incredible second half on the vocals, leaving you breathless the evil chords of Satan, Shame and Steel unveils an outstanding speed heavy metal track with thrash metal elements, but also managing to introduce hard rock moments in the chorus, awesome drums in this moshpiting act continued by  Savage Reprisal, created with epic elements, sophisticated army-like pulse and theatrical vocals will make you raise your fists while breaking your necks!

Way more unstoppable heralds the fast headbanging hard rock -heavy metal style, encapsulating the band finest hour and becoming the best track of the album.

Overall Salvacion created anther excellent album that progress from the power and heavy metal combining lots of hard rock elements perfectly well, defining a style coming from the early 80s NWOBHM that every metalhead will like, the production need to improve but its still awesome,
God Gold and Glory will make you bang your heads!

8 / 10
Post by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads union and Metalheads Union FB

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