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Nothgard is an epic melodic death metal band from Germany formed in 2009, they released their first full length in 2011 called Warhorns of Midgard receiving positive feedback from the media.Their sound is a combination of pagan epic death metal with drippings of power, black and thrash metal clearly defined by bands like Equilibrium or Ensiferum (note that the vocalist/lead guitar Dom R. Crey joined Equilibrium recently). Age of Pandora will be released on the 12th of September 2014 with Trollzorn label and distributed by Soulfood and AFMRecords (worldwide).

Age of Pandora develop a technical epic death metal combined with power and thrash elements, starting with "Of light and shadow" taking you into an epic instrumental act amazingly effective that links to the tittle track Age of Pandora, one of the best anthems of the record, mixing the aggressive death headbanging metal bomb with changes of pace with the orchestrated chorus. Add to this combo a good dose of progressive neoclassical mayhem on the guitars to enjoy this shot as a masterpiece.

Blackened seed continues the strategy wth a mid tempo epic track combined with pagan melodies and a strong straight chorus made for the crowd to shout in their gigs, followed by Black witch venture as an orchestrated epic death metal mid and fast tempo, awesome job by the guitars forging a theatrical track with drippings of modern melodic chorus.

In blood remained the machine gun start genuine oldschool death metal will make you bang your heads, the evolution take this track to include epic power metal moments in the chorus backed by a victory taste guitar riffs; continued by Anima waking up the same epic power death feelings but this time being the turn of the epic thrash metal missile into your brains, outstanding job on the drums here and also remarkable theatrical act by the vocals.

Obey the king is another excellent creation of death metal, theatrical growling vocals and astonishing composition  structure following classical music as a base for the consolidation of the band as a whole, in harmony every time.

Wings of dawn follows a mid pulsed death bomb wih an astonishing catchy power battle chorus as Moshback children attack you with one of the strongest rhythms and most angry acts, moshpiting riveting track, excellent job combining thrash and death.

No one holds the crown is one of the hits of the album comprising an increscendo structure with death epic roots supported by orchestral and progressive elements, encapsulating the sound of the band's style, headbanging till the end, great shade from the metal attack to the epic orchestra that ends the album.

Nothgard second attack is coming to take you to an epic battle, the composition has been taken care in every detail, from the orchestra to the different shots of death, thrash and power metal, resulting in a real masterpiece, reaching the level of top epic death metal bands.

Age of Pandora will take them to the next level, the production is crystal clear, excellent job, so if you like death metal or epic power, if you enjoy banging your head at thrash metal anthems, you will really like Age of Pandora!


Line Up
Dom R Crey as vocals and lead guitar
Vik S. on the bass
Daniel K with lead and rhythm axe
D Ziegler on the drums
Skhaal on rhythm guitars

Release Date 12-09-2014


Review by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads Union and Metalheads Union FB

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