Monday, 11 August 2014


Jet Jaguar are a traditional heavy speed metal from Mexico formed in 2014 and just released their first demo. Jet jaguar first work consist in four genuine traditional heavy speed metal shots influenced on the roots by Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Tokyo Blade firstly and an added progressive and power metal drippings that will delight the ears of Skull Fist and Enforcer fans (the style have also similarities with Strikelight).

The demo starts with Hunter, with the drumbeats playing unveiling a speed metal riff that encapsulates the band style, awesome bass sound all over, this fast pulse will definitely make you bang your heads from the beginning and the chorus is the best, if skull fist had heavier than metal, jet jaguar have Hunter.

Call of the fight heralds another speed metal rhythm with strong pounding drum pulse, epic chorus on the mid pitched vocals, making a good contrast with the high pitched parts. Remarkable job by the guitars, technically perfect.

Rock shots belongs to the classic 80s heavy metal, what an anthem! Give me memories of hot shots by Maniac in an accelerating rhythm of speed metal and wild attitude chorus, forceful headbanging ending.
To complete the work we have their new single called Battle of the gods, high pitched vocals well executed in a mid fast tempo heavy speed metal, with an excellent power metal forged chorus; remarkable the production in this track,  resulting in a fresher and cleaner sound.

 The style is still defined by their influences mainly and the band own sound is in an early step; the voice is excellent but could be better at some points, where more vocal strength is needed, but the result is outstanding, the composition is exceptional, riveting from start to finish, remarkable axe mastering, from the virtuous guitar solos  to the well executed chords and palm mutes, the harmony is great within all members of the band. Definitely a true metal gem from a promising band, Jet Jaguar attacks!

8 / 10


Jet Jaguar are:

Sergio Quintero: Guitars/Backing Vocals
Diego Aragón: Guitars/Backing Vocals
Jorge Ramírez: Bass/Lead Vocals
Jimmy Lozano: Drums

Post by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads Union and Metalheads Union FB

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