Sunday, 17 August 2014


Omega Crom is a ripping power metal band from Vancouver, Canada formed in 2002 and releasing their first full length in 2010, Blood, fire and steel via Reversed Records and now just released their new album Beyond Control independently.

Omega Crom style is defined by a progressive power metal combined with drippings of thrash metal mainly and death metal at some moments, the vocals are clean high pitched styled on the power metal parts  mixed with harsh and growling techniques well defined in the thrash metal sections; also have to remark the vocal appearance of Celine Derval in this album giving the record an epic melodic style, the themes are based on Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian.

Beyond  control starts with Sundering blades, sharp guitar riffs with similarities of Judas priest to start but purely a great mix of thrash and epic power metal, adding progressive shredding, outstanding epic chorus and vocal quality, linked with Power Soul, power metal mid pulsed song with really catchy parts on the verses, the high pitched vocals are astonishing, clean and high like the Sad wings of destiny album by the Metal Gods, attacking with forceful instrumental at the end, being  one of the best creations of the band.

Unwanted hell soft entry contains a modern power thrash metal structure mixing fast and mid pulse, introducing clean vocals in the thrash metal parts, not very convinced at the beginning but i have to admit that was a great idea; following with Chaos theory that plays with slow and mid tempo pure power epic metal, counting with the collaboration of Celine giving very effective results; awesome guitar riffs in great harmony with the rest of the band.
Infiltate the system heralds The best progressive thrash metal part of the album, also mixing power metal with awesome guitar parts like usual in the band style.

Blood red moon is another top track comprising pure heavy metal headbanging pulse melted with the best guitar sophisticated techniques of the album followed by Shattered illusions of reality, mid fast pounding drumbeats of progressive power metal with a  remarkably catchy long chorus.
Of past and present mix growling and potent clean vocals in a doom metal instrumental bringing back memories of Candlemass  attacking with a thrash and death metal styled in-crescendo ending.

Brains all over the floor takes you to the mosh pit violently with a powerful death metal twisted with thrash metal moments, well linked with the last track of the album, Land of never was, as another top hits of progressive power metal with the two vocals working perfectly, excellent job on the guitars emphasizing in the right moments creating a really epic atmosphere.

Beyond control by Omega Crom will be a must have and a reference for progressive power metal fans, some highlights of the album are Sundering Blades,  Power Soul, Blood Red Moon and Shattered illusions of reality, the rest is still good but not in the same quality.
The compositions are outstanding at some parts and the vocals are powerful, high and clean; and demonstrating a growling style that is really admirable. Guitars are awesome and sophisticated, dancing correctly with the drums and bass. Omega Crom have to be proud of this album, mixing successfully the progressive power metal with thrash and death metal worlds.

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