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Black Track is a traditional heavy/speed metal from Mexico, formed in 2010 and releasing two demos in 2011 and 2012 to finally release an EP  the 12th of April 2014, called Let the thunder Roar via Metal Ways Records and it's inclusive of their second demo as bonus tracks. The band is comprised by Adrian on the bass, Lyon on the drums, Spider as the lead guitars and Rayo on the vocals and rhythm axe. their style heralds a speed heavy metal influenced by bands like Agent Steel and Iron Maiden on the roots and also from New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal bands (like Enforcer or Striker) with a very straight and strong compositions.

Let the Thunder Roar starts with the tittle track, with the rain and thunder unveiling an authentic speed metal headbanging anthem, remarkable instrumental all over, the harmony is perfect with the vocals and the rest of the band with a mid-high pitched vocals combining clean and sharp styles; with no lull The Wolf bites tonight start with a forceful riff in another excellent act with some Judas Priest memories on the changes of rhythm twisted with the Iron Maiden style by Adrian and Lyon; exceptional track continued by the instrumental Black Dragon (In Tokyo), well done melodies and headbanging action by axe masters and bassist.

Speed Force attack without warning, one of the fastest speed metal tracks with remarkable job by Rayo where we can find some high pitched screams mixed with impulsive combat vocal shots, outstanding changes of pulse and guitar solos noticing the influence of the Masters of Metal (Agent Steel) here and also on Cosmic Metal/ Into the darkness, being one of the best songs in the EP, wrecking necks from the beginning, mixed high pitched vocal parts with growling techniques are remarkable, but mid ranged parts have to be controlled better though.

After this headbanging EP the rest of the material belongs to the second demo, included here as a bonus tracks. Warrior's Attack  is the first in line of the bonus tracks and combines an excellent chorus and instrumental with a power feeling, however the vocals still needed to be improved on the melodic sections. Demon is another strong speed metal bomb, impulsive on the vocals (better performed here).

The werewolf bring some thrash metal influence, good headbanging song finishing with Revenge is Mine (Heavy Metal Command), with an accelerating riff on the Iron Maiden influence side, vocals are used better here keeping the mid-high range mixing with short hasty sharp style; the guitars and drums work together really good on the galloping pulse that shades to the silence.

Black Track forged really good material, the roots of heavy speed metal that influenced the band made them pass successfully this point of entry, bounding to develop a heavy speed metal with a large range on the vocals and a forceful instrumental; As a first EP this is an exceptional job, the vocals have improved since their demo section as you can see how better is the EP compared with the bonus tracks that follows,still need of improvement but good job! keep a close eye on them because they really have what it takes to keep it true.

7.5 / 10



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