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Cobra is a traditional heavy speed metal band from Peru, formed in 2005, had two demos ready by 2007, playing many gigs nationally and being well known in the national heavy metal scene, the release of their split album with Skull allowed them to gig in more south american countries in 2010.
Then, after working hard on the studio the first full length Lethal Strike came to light in 2011 via Austral Holocaust Records having good feedback from the media and also getting better known in Peru and abroad.

Finally To Hell was released last February 2014, after a year of hard work, and got distributed nationally and also in Europe thanks to Van Records.
Cobra style combines the aggressive side of Judas priest, timing it in the Defenders of the faith composition style, with the pulse and riffs from Motorhead and Venom melted in one; the vocalist is styled with high pitched, powerful techniques with sharp melodic moments, sounding like a mix of Judas priest, Exciter and Griffin.
The album starts with Beyond the curse, beginning like an epic in crescendo introduction that leads to the headbanging action in one of the top tracks of the band, from the awesome bass touch to start to the galloping drumbeats and the potent voice, this song is what true metal music sounds like, you will find yourself screaming with a fist in the air, (dudes that is a really powerful ending), outstanding bomb linked with Fallen soldier, kicking in with a fast tempo speed heavy metal style, accelerated Motorhead reminiscences and drippings of Enforcer, remarkable addictive chorus and memories of early Iron Maiden riffs, but keeping the band's sign.

Danger zone slows the drum pounding shots to a mid tempo hard rocker track, excellent interpretation on the vocals, changing from the mid range to the high pitched scream instantaneously. Rough riders takes the strong pulse of the previous song but its transformed in a genuine heavy metal attack.
Beware my wrath accelerates the speed taking you to the mosh pit, excellent harmony in the guitar duet, that is what i call a team work perfectly executed! Vocals are perfect, bringing the fury to the stage, great combo of lows and highs in a  sharp aggressive style.

When i walk the street keep the glory in the voice in another hard rocker- early heavy metal preference with powerful drumbeats, with a rhythm seen on bands like Airbourne or even Krokus or Saxon.
The tittle track To hell, blast the scene with one of the best performed songs of the album, fast paced speed metal that leaves you breathless and will make you bang your heads till the end! Awesome how they link the verses with the guitar shredding and the chords.

The last track, Inner demon, heralds their most sophisticated drums of the album, also being one of the best compositions and the most epic track up to date, forceful voice that goes in crescendo until the ultra high pitched vocals at the end, everything here is outstanding and it demonstrate the style of the band and defines their attitude very well.

Cobra released a true metal masterpiece that will be considered  a gem of the genre, without a doubt these guys are ready to the heavy metal attack nationally and internationally, with a genuine speed heavy metal that will call the attention of true metalheads around the globe, be aware of the deadly COBRA attack!

9 / 10

Post by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads Union and Metalheads Union FB

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