Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Evil Killer is a traditional Heavy Speed metal band from Spain formed in 2012 and just releasing this demo in January 2013, the band is comprised by Ivan Vera on the lead guitars, Sergio on the drums, Ray on the bass and Mikel on the rhythm guitar and the vocals. The style of this band comes from the combination of the speed faction of NWOBHM bands like Jaguar, Savage or Virtue and the early German Power metal (Helloween on the early times, Walls of Jericho), and obviously Agent Steel or Judas Priest and Iron Maiden are three roots that are followed by the band with high pitched vocals, sharp guitars sounds with abundant shredding between chords and pure speed heavy metal drumbeats in general.

The demo starts with On guard as an instrumental track that bring you back to the essence of the classic heavy metal to attack forcefully with Fight, one of the top tracks in terms of composition, being an authentic speed metal with strong straight chorus and reminiscences of Victim of fate by Helloween at the changes of rhythm.

Adventures Mind mid tempo galloping start lose fuel in comparison with the rest of the material but, however, it improves slightly as it is getting to the mid final part, great changes of pulse and epic feeling in the last minute but the sudden end makes you feel like it is something missing or even incomplete; but it's a demo and it still sound awesome!

Return of my nightmare is another genuine heavy speed metal, a missile of headbanging pulse and powerful chorus, bringing memories from Stand to fight by Virtue, that will take you to the mosh pit, awesome composition also experimenting different changes of rhythm. Tracks like this and Fight defines the band's sound very well.

To finish we have the band's name track, Evil killer, as another fast tempo speed metal but this time more influenced on the power metal side, riveting from start to finish, great composition and better harmony in the sound.

Excellent point of entry of this spanish band, Evil Killer brings the true metal, very well learnt, becoming one more in the club of the new wave of traditional heavy metal. The production is clearly in the first steps and needs to be improved and I'm sure with a better production and keeping doing the compositions like this, this band will have a lot to say not only in Spain but in the European true metal scene; so Fight!

7,5 / 10

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