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Striker is a speed power metal band from Canada formed in 2007 being one of the first bands to revive the sound of the 80s true metal in the well known New wave of traditional heavy metal, releasing their first demo in 2008, EP in 2009 and first full length Eyes in the night, in 2010 being one of the best speed metal releases of the year and also a good influence for new young metalheads hungry for true metal action; Armed to the teeth was released two years later, 2012, increasing the quality of their sound to a new level and after two years of hard work, their new album City of Gold is ready to be released the next 29th of August via Napalm Records.

Striker new album City of Gold is forged with forceful power speed metal riffs containing some modern heavy metal moments and old school thrash metal drippings, not only being influenced by the power of Crimson Glory, the dangerous sharp wild steel of Judas Priest or the melodic technique of Dio, now the thrash metal force of Exodus come into scene at some parts.

The album starts strong with the pure heavy speed metal Underground, denoting some modern melodies but keeping the roots of the classic metal flame burning bright; continued by the tittle track City of Gold as a headbanging mid tempo anthem that heralds a fist in the air feeling on the chorus,  well combined with the high pitched vocals on the verses, remarkable job on the guitars, being impulsive and wild. Start again continues the mid fast pulse with drippings of 90s thrash metal melted with powerful vocal parts between Dio and Bruce Dickinson style.

The 80s revival from this band doesn't finish on the aggressive heavy speed metal, they are over the top of the melodic hard rock with Bad decisions, bringing memories from Love ain't no stranger by Whitesnake but improved with the wild sign of the band, one of the surprises of the album that improves in every track.
Crossroads bring you to the mosh pit accelerating the pounding drumbeats in a speed power metal blast with a very straight  aggressive style on the vocals, also used on the following track All for one, this time more melodic on the vocals creating a genuine power metal base and chorus.

 Mind control heralds a mid tempo thrash metal sound with strong pulse with excellent changes of rhythm, very well connected with the most thrash metal influenced song of the album, Second Attack, bringing back memories of Exodus style that will make you wreck your neck fist in the air.
Leaving the best for the end, I find the three last tracks so interesting because contains the most virtuous vocals in the album combined with an excellent compositions, bringing the melodic parts to a pure heavy metal anthem in All I want, with a style between Dio and Dokken, followed by Rise up developing a forceful speed thrash metal containing a style seen on bands like Enforcer and Evil Invaders on the instrumental but with the unique striker style on the lead vocals.

Its the turn for the last masterpiece of the album, Taken by Time, sounds like a combination of all styles the band have experimented along this record, thrash metal base that changes pulses to an authentic heavy metal melody reviving the sound of albums like holy diver by Dio with drippings of power metal, encapsulating the band sound.

Striker demonstrated not only they are capable to create an excellent speed power metal compositions, they went further experimenting with thrash metal and melodic hard rock, resulting in a very rich creation, eleven solid forged, brilliantly produced metal tracks that keep the true metal alive making the listener to play them again and again.

9 / 10

Chris Segger on Guitars
Dan Cleary on Vocals
Adam Brown on Drums
Timothy Brown on Guitars
Wild Bill on Bass



Post by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads Union and Metalheads Union FB

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