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Hello, its always a pleasure to interview you, thank you guys for making it possible.

First of all, tell me some of the band's history, Why did you choose Jet Jaguar as the band's name?
We were struggling a little at that time to decide the name of the band, we had some options such as "Exiler" and also "Roller Blade" but then, Diego came up with the Jet Jaguar idea from a video game he used to play when he was a kid haha.

Jet Jaguar life is really in the first steps, but the sound quality is great, how long did it take to create your first EP?
Well, actually it's a demo. It took us from January, to the moment we started recording it (March).

How do you value the relation between the band members?
I think it's pretty good. We often try to do some stuff outside the band, you know, like playing soccer, some video games or just hanging out.

Sometimes band members like different styles, one can like classic heavy metal and another could like thrash metal mainly, Are your influences similar?
The influences of every member are very different. Sometimes this is a problem when composing, but it is also an advantage, because everyone comes up with different ideas, and this helps to give variety to our music.

Which band is the most influential for the band?
Because of the fact that our influences are different, every member has their favourite band which influences our music. But if we had to mention a few bands, we would say Skull Fist, Cacophony, Riot and Racer X.

Most of the NWOTHM bands evolve from the EP or demo to the first or second album in a way that they can slightly stand with more power metal style or even thrash metal structure, Jet Jaguar is genuine heavy speed metal with drippings of power,  how satisfied are you with the band sound?
We are really satisfied with the band's sound, but of course we are aiming to improve our sound with time and effort. Also, we are adding some power and hard rock stuff to the new songs.

Would you change anything in the near future?
We already have set in our minds the direction of where we want to take the band in the future. 

How is the metal scene in your country?
Excellent, the support is great and the union of the metal fans is strong, but there is a lack of recording labels and promotion. It's a little hard to get recognised internationally.

Do you find it easy to promote your music on the concerts ?

Not exactly in concerts, but a lot people has already bought a copy of our demo by contacting us.

How is the international heavy metal scene responding after the release of your first demo?
Is doing great! We have even received more messages from people from outside our country than from Mexico. This is really important, so maybe, eventually, we'll be able to play in other countries around the world.

Have you had any record label or Promotion company offers ?
Yes, we are looking forward to work with a label called Metal Ways Records, they will release our first LP, and we have already received some offers for promotion.

NWOTHM bands record videoclips at very early times (even in the first EP) like Leather Heart or Night, is Jet Jaguar preparing a videoclip?
Not yet, we want to wait for the first album.

How is the tour going?
We haven't tour yet, since we are writing new material.

What are the plans for an international tour?
That would be amazing; we hope to tour, first, in our country to achieve national recognition, and then, we may a have chance, with the release of the LP, to tour in other countries.

Any chance to come to Europe?
Well, if you want to take us there... haha it would be fucking awesome to play in Europe at some point in the future.

The heavy speed metal scene in Europe is also growing, do you know bands like Ruthless steel, Air raid or Leather Heart? Would you like to share stage with this kind of bands in the future?
That's exactly the kind of bands we'd like to share stage with. Bands like Steelwing, Monument, etc...

To finish, Could you send a message to your fans?
For the people who has heard our music around the world via Internet, we really hope to see you soon and play live for you, thanks for the support!

Thank you so much for your time and keep it true guys!

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Post by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads Union and Metalheads Union FB