Tuesday, 5 August 2014


Toledo Steel are a classic heavy metal band from Southampton, UK, formed in 2011 and releasing their first demo in december 2012, Toledo Steel have been touring around the country and finally after adding the second guitarist to the band the first EP came out in August 2013, consisting in three missiles of pure heavy metal encapsulating the essence of NWOBHM.
The band comprises Rich Rutter on the vocals, Kyle House and Tom Potter on the guitars, David Lovell with the bass and Matt Dobson on drums.

The ep starts with Alcatraz with a classic heavy speed metal riff, headbanging moshpiting pulse developing a strong straight high pitched vocals, awesome sharp sound all over the song by Rich and axe masters Kyle and Tom, the chorus is also exceptional, made to be singed along in every gig, fists in the air; as we continue with Black widow, taking reminiscences from Iron Maiden and memories of heavier than metal by Skull Fist on the main riff, forging a powerful melodies on the vocals where the lows and high pitched styles are amazingly well combined; well done on the drums creating Judas priest late 70s techniques combined with drippings of power metal styled structure.

Flames arise take us back to the mid 80s with a truly headbanging authentic heavy speed metal with drippings of epic melodies, reminiscences of bands like Virtue, the mid tempo changing rhythm is outstanding, true metal in every chord! The instrumental parts are in an excellent harmony leaving you breathless til the end!

Overall this first EP by Toledo Steel  is riveting from start to finish with a crystal clear production, awesome job by every single member of the band,for sure Toledo Steel not only are here to stay, this band will probably be one of the leading bands of the new wave of traditional heavy metal.

8,5 / 10



Post by Daniel Ortiz from Metalheads Union and Metalheads Union FB

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